Why The Manta MH4 Is The Best Helmet For Paramedics

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The Manta MH4 is the best helmet for paramedics. A confident but true statement to make. At HeroQuip we only supply first class products to the emergency services that will withstand the most hazardous of working environments.

So how do we know that the Manta MH4 is the best helmet for paramedics?

The Manta MH4 is listed on the NHS National Ambulance Uniforms and General Workwear Framework

HeroQuip (under the Clad Safety brand) is listed as the Awarded Supplier for the majority of the products listed under Lot Two: General Workwear of the National Ambulance Uniform Contract.

The Manta MH4 is listed on this framework and has proven to be very popular amongst many paramedics nationwide. It is available in both green and white with the option of both an internal and external visor. The Manta MH4 has fully customisable vent and side panels and bespoke helmet stickers suitable for each UK ambulance trust.

The Manta MH4 is a high-performance multi-role technical rescue helmet

The Manta MH4 Ambulance recue helmet is suitable for use in some of the most demanding of working environments. A variety of accessories can be fitted to the helmet including ear protection, torches and visors.

The helmet provides high levels of impact protection both from above and from the sides. The Manta is used by many rescue teams globally and is particularly excellent for roadside rescue due to its compact size and weight.

What are the features of the Manta MH4 Ambulance helmet?
  • Easy changeable pads for cleaning – all internal padding is removable and machine washable at 60o, in accordance with NHS guidelines.
  • High all-round impact protection – the Manta MH4 is the only helmet on the market to be tested to 90 Joules impact on all four sides of the helmet, far exceeding the industry standard of only 25 Joules.
  • Low profile design sitting close to the head – excellent for working in and around vehicles, or for HART teams who are entering confined spaces.
  • Clear integral visor – available with either an internal visor only, or with two sizes of external visor.
  • Easily identifiable for varying job roles – infinite configuration and stickering options enable Trusts to use helmets to distinguish between job roles including trainees, paramedics and commanders.
  • Interchangeable coloured vent covers and side panels – the removable vent covers can be used to display the wearer’s clinical grade, either by colour-coding or by stickering. If their grade were ever to change, the wearer can simply replace the vent covers rather than their whole helmet.
The Manta MH4 is sustainable

The Manta MH4 helmet is primarily constructed with ABS, a commonly used plastic with excellent recyclability properties. This helmet is also manufactured in the UK, further reducing transportation pollution. A perfect solution if your Trust is looking at ways to become more sustainable.

The Manta MH4 is versatile

As mentioned above, the Manta MH4 is a fully versatile rescue helmet. The helmet features a modular design that allows you to customise it to meet your specific needs. Whether that’s colour, branding, job title or accessories, the Manta MH4 can be fully personalised to meet the requirements of each paramedic and ambulance trust.  

The Manta MH4 is fully certified to multiple safety standards

All paramedics using the Manta MH4 can be confident that it is compliant with several safety standards including:

  • EN 12492:2012
  • PAS028:2002
  • EN 16471:2014 EN16473:2014 Firefighters helmets for technical rescue
  • FS/ATV1
The Manta MH4 is lightweight and compact

The Manta MH4 is very lightweight and compact compared to other ambulance helmets on the market. Weighing in at only 670g and made from a high-impact resistant composite material designed to withstand force and resist penetration from sharp objects. It’s compact shape and size makes it a better solution for paramedics who are faced with treating an injured patient in a confined space where head protection is required.

The Manta MH4 is easy to clean

Excellent levels of hygiene are of paramount importance for the ambulance service. Therefore, a helmet worn by paramedics needs to be easily cleaned given the varying hazards that they face daily. The Manta MH4 has changeable pads for cleaning and in particular, the removal of bodily fluids. Storage bags are also available ensuring the helmet remains clean and undamaged.

As you can see, the Manta MH4 truly is the best helmet for paramedics.

HeroQuip is an approved uniform and equipment supplier to the Ambulance Service, Police, Fire and Rescue, Ministry of Defence and HM Prison Service. We are listed on a number of Public Sector Frameworks including BlueLight Commercial, Crown Commercial Service (CCS), KCS, NHS Supply Chain and YPO.

If you wish to order the Manta MH4 helmet or any other items listed on the National Ambulance Uniform Contract, please get in touch either on 01423 803999 or email us at [email protected]