UK and EU Manufacturing

HeroQuip’s supply chain is made up of manufacturers from across the UK and Europe. Ranging from German made footwear and batons to British and Finnish made helmet systems, each item is superior in quality, design and function.

UK and EU Manufacturing

All items undergo stringent testing by their manufacturer at their purpose-built testing facilities. Whether that’s testing the bullet and knife resistance of a stab vest or the impact protection of a public order helmet, all products sold by HeroQuip will meet their required safety standards.

This includes a ballistic test laboratory where R&D work to optimize protection equipment are carried out. Badge testing is also conducted to verify products comply with the highest quality and safety demands. Their anti-stab tower provides the ability to continuously perform tests according to the NIJ 0115.00, VPAM KDIW, HOSDB 2007 and CAST 2017 standards for blade and spike, plus impact testing for new riot and training solutions.

Ballistic, Stab and Spike Protection

There are three standard lines for ballistic:

  1. Black Diamond: The top of the range within soft ballistic development. This gives the users the highest safety, the best v50 values and the most flexible solutions on the market by utilising a combination of Force Multiplier and 3D Matrix technology.
  2. Diamond Line: Is the solution for those who need a high level of protection according to different ballistic standards, or other special demands such as a lightweight, flexible and thin construction with a high level of safety.
  3. Silver Line: Is a ‘white’ construction with a very high safety margin and is used when price is a key factor in the market. The weight per m² is approx. 8% higher than our Diamond line.

Fast Lead Times and Delivery

HeroQuip understands the challenges faced by the emergency services, in particular, the importance of meeting their uniform and equipment requirements within a short time frame. Working with UK and European manufacturers results in HeroQuip’s customers benefiting from low minimum order quantities and fast delivery.

HeroQuip’s Leading Brands