Manta MH4 Helmet

The Manta MH4 Helmet is a high-performance multi-role technical rescue helmet with the facility to fit a variety of accessories.  The helmet is tested to five different standards giving it the unique ability to make it suitable for multiple roles including Ambulance, Police and Rescue.

Customisation Options


Organisations can choose between a wide range of stock colours, or if you require something a little different, HeroQuip can provide you with a bespoke pantone match on request.

Night Vision Goggles (NVG) Shroud

The NVG Shroud can be added to the front of the Manta MH4 helmet. It is the lightest and lowest profile front shroud solution for NVG systems and other accessories.

Picatinny Rails

Picatinny rails (also known as tactical side rails) are a common addition to the Manta MH4 when used by police and military organisations. It is a military standard rail interface system that provides a mounting platform for a wide range of accessories, such as ear defenders, communications headsets and video cameras.

Vent Cover and Side Panel

The vent covers and side panels can also be customised, by changing the colour or adding text to highlight the wearer’s job role or rank. These accessories can also be replaced if the individual changes their job role or receives a promotion.


Eye Shield and Visor

The integrated eye shield is a very popular feature of the Manta MH4 helmet, however an external visor can be attached when full face protection is required. Both products are available in clear or with a smoked grey tint.

Head Torch

Organisations can either opt for a clip-on head torch such as Petzl or Peli, or a torch with a head band like our Core Rechargeable LED Head Torch. Once again this shows the flexibility the Manta MH4 offers. The wide range of accessories provides you with the opportunity to fully personalise it to yours or your team’s specific requirements.

Safety Standards

The Manta MH4 Helmet meets the safety requirements set out in:

  • EN12492:2012
  • PAS028:2002
  • EN16471:2014
  • EN16473:2014
  • FS/ATV1 Quad & ATV helmet
If you wish to discuss the Manta MH4 Helmet in more detail, you can contact the HeroQuip Technical Team on 01423 803999 or [email protected]