HeroQuip has access to one of the largest ranges of technical workwear and PPE for the UK’s police forces. We provide a wide variety of protective solutions including headwear, batons, handcuffs, public order equipment and tactical footwear, all of which offer the best in comfort and protection.

Our Experience

HeroQuip has been supplying uniforms, general workwear, and PPE solutions to the Police Service for over 15 years.

During this time, we have provided a variety of innovative solutions to specific workwear issues; identifying the original problem and working with various police forces to offer re-modelled designs.

We supply a wide range of high-performance outerwear and technical clothing, high visibility garments, body armour, tactical footwear, batons, specialist PPE and accoutrements.

All items have the option to be customised and combine the latest in innovation, technology, and quality to ensure they are both fit for purpose and comfortable.

Our Frameworks

BlueLight Commercial Framework Supplier

HeroQuip has been chosen as the exclusive supplier for several headwear items and leather accoutrements on the latest BlueLight Commercial Framework Agreement (BLC0022). Our in-house manufacturing capabilities allows us to bring the best products to the market, at the best lead times, with an unparalleled emphasis on durability and wearer comfort.

Police Equipment

HeroQuip supply a diverse range of innovative police equipment, in particular, police batons and baton holders. These include posi-lock batons, friction lock batons, public order batons and training batons from popular brands such as ESP and Bonowi, with accessories including holsters from Vega.

We understand the daily challenges faced by police forces across the country and want to ensure that your officers are equipped with the best PPE required to defend themselves against the threats that they encounter.

Whether you want to prioritise lighter weight, cost effectiveness or simply all-out strike power, HeroQuip will provide batons that are suitable for all areas of policing.


Safety Footwear

Wearing the appropriate safety footwear is of utmost importance for all police officers. Tactical footwear from the leading brands including 4SYS, Haix, Magnum and Rock Fall has been designed for operations performed by law enforcement professionals from key sectors including the military, police and prison. These heavy-duty boots will perform under the toughest circumstances while providing optimum comfort and protection.

Sustainable Footwear

As more organisations start to look at their environmental impact and find sustainable solutions, the demand for recycled workwear and sustainable footwear has grown.

HeroQuip supplies a wide range of sustainable and vegan safety footwear options that are both kind to the environment whilst providing the ultimate foot protection.


Head Protection

Head protection is of vital importance, and we know that there are situations where police officers require a public order/riot helmet. HeroQuip is a registered supplier of the HOSDB Public Order Helmet which is a robust, safe and reliable helmet that has been manufactured and approved to the HOSDB 21/04 Protective Headwear Standard For UK Police. We also supply the Military Tactical Cougar Helmet which meets the requirements of EN 12492:2012 and PAS028:2002.

HOSDB Public Order Helmet

  • High performance helmet that has been tested to the stringent requirements of HOSDB (21/04) certification
  • Meets or exceeds the requirements of all 19 tests
  • One of the most widely used helmets on the European market
  • Polycarbonate shell
  • Visor seal is clamped between visor and visor carrier unlike glued solutions which detach over time
  • All components designed and manufactured in Europe
  • Does not chip, scratch or delaminate in comparison to other fiberglass helmets
  • High visor coverage (over 700cm²)
  • Anti-bacterial inner liner to reduce contamination
  • Flame-retardant leather neck guard with innovative three-piece design providing a secure fit and stops helmet being worn incorrectly
  • Easy release ratcheting chin strap

Military Tactical Cougar Helmet

  • Lightweight weighing only 400 grams
  • Impact protection of 100 joules on the crown
  • Excellent bump protection from impact and shock both from above and from the sides
  • Velcro kit
  • Torch location point
  • Military stay chinstrap
  • Soft release side buckle
  • Rear ratchet adjuster
  • Adjustment buckle
  • Side rail
  • Visor attachment studs
  • Safety Standards EN 12492:2012 | PAS028:2002

Innovative Solutions

Improved Positioning For Klick Fast Connector

The Klick Fast system is the standard connector system for carrying radios and other equipment. HeroQuip was approached by a police force requesting help with a problem many of their officers were facing when attaching a camera to their cap. The angle of the connector resulted in the camera being misaligned with the wearer’s line of sight. Following discussions regarding the issue, we manufactured new police caps with the Klick Fast connector repositioned for both left and right-handed wearers thus solving the incorrect camera angle positioning.


Police Staff Investigator Tabards

A tabard was required for use by search teams who don’t have the full power of a Police Officer but need to to be easily identified showing their authority to search properties.

HeroQuip designed a black police staff investigator tabard to match the branding of the Police standard uniform. The left breast velcro patch allows for the addition of Force or individual identity if required. Police Staff Investigator was added to the rear to provide additional ease of identification.
HeroQuip is currently supplying these Police Staff Investigator Tabards to several UK police forces nationwide.

A New And Improved Dump Pouch

Space on a utility belt is limited, therefore a roll-up dump pouch is a necessity. A Firearms Department was experiencing difficulties with their current dump pouch as the belt loop was too small to feed onto a cargo belt. The colour also clashed with the rest of their uniform and black was requested as the preferred colour. After studying the current pouch and belt a new design was agreed upon and manufactured. This new pouch glides onto the belt with ease. Changing the colour to black means the new pouch blends in with the other accoutrements used by the wearer.