Firearms Dump Pouch


The Problem
A Firearms Department were experiencing difficulties with their current dump pouch as the belt loop was too small to feed onto a cargo belt. The colour also clashed with the rest of their uniform and black was requested as the preferred colour.

The Solution
After studying the current pouch and belt, a new firearms dump pouch design was agreed and manufactured. This new pouch glides on to the belt with ease. Changing the colour to black means the new pouch blends in with the other accoutrements used by the wearer

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• Folding Dump Pouch
• Holds seven M4 30-rnd mags
• Can be used as a dump pouch for shotgun shells, M4 magazines, or pistol magazines
• Also serves as a utility pouch for evidence collection or general storage
• Hook & Loop flap which maintains the pouch in its folded position
• Attaches to utility belt with generous belt loop

Ideal For:

• Police (Firearms)
• Military

• Folded size: 89mm (L) x 51mm (W) x 76mm (H)
• Unfolded size: 152mm (L) x 76mm (W) x 203mm (H)