CPE 09 Public Order Range

For many years public order protection consisted of officers attaching basic plastic pads to their uniform. This equipment was originally designed in the 80s but it has become apparent that it is no longer suitable for the hazards now faced in public order policing. The new 09 range from CPE provides the latest technology in wearer comfort and ventilation.

Available exclusively through HeroQuip, this range brings Scandinavian design and manufacturing to the UK market, showcasing that exhaustion and sweat burns no longer need to be a consequence of public order duty.

The range includes:

ECP-RSU09 Shoulder guards
Elbow and forearm guards
ECP-RGP09 Groin protectors
ECP-RLG09 Leg guards
ECP-RTG09 Thigh guards

Speak to the HeroQuip team to find out how we can revolutionise your public order deployments.


  • Mesh vest style shoulder guards are much more comfortable and versatile than body armour mounted ones, making sure your officers do actually wear them
  • The metatarsal area is a common injury area – this range integrates the metatarsal guard into the leg guard, providing protection without compromising comfort
  • All retention straps strategically placed to avoid joint chafing
  • Two-piece forearm guards avoid elbow exposure when arm is bent
  • Chest guard with blunt trauma protection also available, with separate pocket to insert your existing ballistic panel