Deenside Is Now Part Of HeroQuip!

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HeroQuip are very pleased to announce the acquisition of the assets of Deenside Ltd!  This exciting acquisition will bring two key industry suppliers under one roof, and the combined wealth of knowledge is now being channelled into developing innovative new products and forward thinking solutions to this specialist industry.


Who Are Deenside?

Deenside was established in 1981 to provide a wide range of high quality, innovative products to the Police, Prisons, Ministry Of Defence and other Governmental Organisations both in the UK and internationally.  They were a specialist supplier of a vast range of equipment, from limb guards to batons, and PAVA to PSU helmets.  Deenside had been established for over 40 years and they became the leading brand supplier for Civil and Military Protective Equipment.  Unfortunately, they had to cease trading earlier this year, causing the business to enter insolvency.

Who are HeroQuip?

HeroQuip are a trusted specialist supplier in the industry, primarily supplying police forces and the ambulance service with a wide range of uniform and equipment. We also supply prisons, armed forces, private security organisations, and a host of other industries with technical uniforms, equipment, safety footwear and specialist PPE.  Our mission is to provide the world’s leading range of uniform and equipment, specifically designed for the emergency services, by the most innovative supplier in the industry.  Our solutions-driven approach ensures that we can always supply a product or service that resolves the problem in hand.

What Happens Next?

HeroQuip have acquired all of Deenside’s stock following their insolvency and continue to supply Deenside’s customers, to avoid them being left without a stable supply chain for the critical products they need every day.  If you need anything that Deenside used to supply to you, please get in touch! One of our dedicate Account Managers will be available to help you with any questions or problems you may have. 

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