Adding The Cypher Of King Charles lll To Your Uniform

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The cypher of the late Queen, Elizabeth II is a regular feature throughout the UK. A new cypher has been revealed prior to the coronation for King Charles III and this will gradually replace Queen Elizabeth’s cypher on uniforms, government buildings, state documents and post boxes in the coming years. It is also used by government departments and by the Royal Household for franking mail.

The new cypher features the King’s initial “C” and this is intertwined with the letter “R” for Rex which is Latin for King and his regnal number in Roman numerals. The crown is positioned above the letters.

The monogram is the King’s personal property and was selected by His Majesty from several designs prepared by the College of Arms. A Scottish version featuring the Scottish crown was approved by Lord Lyon King of Arms.

Even though the King’s cypher will be replacing that of Queen Elizabeth, the cyphers of previous monarchs can still be seen on many public buildings, street furniture and post boxes. The decision to replace cyphers will be at the discretion of individual organisations.

The decision to replace cyphers will be at the discretion of individual organisations, and the process will be gradual.

Cypher of King Charles III
Cypher of King Charles III (Scottish version)

The College of Arms has stated that:

“It is envisaged that the form of the Crown seen in the new cypher will be adopted as the form used in representations of the Royal Arms and in Military and Crown Badges in the new reign.

It is the intention that the new cypher and new rendering of the Crown will be introduced gradually, and generally only when equipment or uniforms which bear them needs to be replaced. This will be similar to what happened in the 1950s and 1960s as Queen Elizabeth II’s cypher came to replace that of King George VI.”

College of Arms

It will take a long time to see the Queen’s cypher completely retire from uniforms as there are a wealth of products that feature it from caps to badges to buttons.

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